A bit of history behind the scenes of this wonderful parcel of land in Sumter County known as PAWS PARK.

The CARES Center property is the second homestead of Lois Kinard, a popular Sumter County supervisor of elections for a number of years in the 50’s and 60’s. She had this residence, which now houses the clinic, built in 1968 after waging a tumultuous battle with the State Road Department over an eminent domain case involving her former residence.

From the Orlando Sentinel: Sumter County’s “widow in the middle of the road” stood yesterday what she feels is her ground as 1-75 road builders attempted to start work to run the superhighway over and through her home.

Mrs. Kinard is standing her ground, however, with three shotguns ready to answer any tough stuff. “I don’t want that to happen.” she said calmly about the need to bare firearms in event of strong-arm tactics. “But, where there is a home and my kids’ happiness at stake, I’m willing to fight to the end for what is mine.”

In another story the Sentinel reports: that the road department is refusing to pay Mrs. Kinard for her house which they say was built on land titled under the Murphy Act giving the state agency a 100-foot easement from the center line of Florida 470 past her house. They have agreed to pay her $1000 for land beyond that point. Bryan Henry of Tallahassee has threatened to push her house off “their land” with a bulldozer if she doesn't move it herself.

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